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Welcome to JY TCM Centre

About JY TCM Centre

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At JY TCM Centre, our traditional Chinese medicine doctors are amply qualified, ethical and experienced in practising TCM with modern technologies, to deliver a comprehensive medical care that thoroughly enhances your health and vitality.

We specialises in TCM gynaecological treatments, medical treatments and beauty care. To provide you a personalised treatment service and optimal customer experience, we apply a holistic approach to examine your symptoms and improve your health, and take further step to bolster your physical fitness and disease prevention.


Besides services, we sell edible and non-edible TCM products. Our edible products are made of natural Chinese herbs with no added colouring. We constantly ensure our products have satisfying quality, reasonable prices and remarkable effect. 

We uphold our practice of "integrity, reliability, safe and efficacy", to providing exceptional services and products.

TCM Services

Our TCM doctors are dedicated to being your source for professional traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

Healthy Products

Enjoy a wide variety of quality TCM products at reasonable prices, in your pursuit of well-being.

健一堂中医医疗中心可以帮助您建造更美好更健康的生活,联系我们以了解更多。JY TCM Centre helps you to construct a better and robuster life, contact us to learn more.

Want Healthy And Beautiful Life? We Are Here For You! 

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