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Cosmetic Acupuncture


Cosmetic acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine-backed alternative medicine that is directed towards beauty care rather than general therapy, as compared to ordinary acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture involves using thin needles to trigger the acupoints of a patient's face and body, to improve the bodily functions and blood circulation of certain areas. Cosmetic acupuncture helps in lessening the appearance of wrinkles and even removing them, ameliorating the patient's face and skin, and slowing down physical ageing, depending on the areas that are treated.


We use very fine needles for all kinds of acupuncture including cosmetic acupuncture, and patients will feel painless or very minimum pain. Our facial acupuncture might cause very minimum damage to facial skin, but will not leave any kind of scar.


Cosmetic acupuncture are safe to use, reliable and effective. 

Course of treatment

Cosmetic acupuncture will usually need to be repeatedly conducted for a period of time to reveal its unique curative effect. A full course of treatment contains 12 times of cosmetic acupuncture, and you are advised to have cosmetic acupuncture once or twice per week. After achieving the desired effect, you will only need to have cosmetic acupuncture once every few months to maintain the treatment effect. For better maintenance, you should also adopt proper skin care routine and healthy lifestyle habits. 

People who are unsuitable for it

People that have bleeding disorders or acute diseases, or are pregnant, should not receive any acupuncture treatments.


Area of skin that is infected, or has ulcer, scar or tumor will not be acupunctured. People with severe facial acne will not receive facial acupuncture; instead, our acupuncturists will perform acupuncture on the acupoints of the body, arms and legs.

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