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Cupping Therapy


It involves placing heated cups on meridian points, creating suction force which causes skin pores to open. This helps to promote the flow of qi and blood and to treat visceral problems, positively contributing to disease prevention and disease elimination.


Cupping therapy may remove dampness and cold, promote qi and blood circulation, remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain, as well as clear toxin and heat. It is able to balance the yin and yang of human body, remove fatigue, and strengthen one's body.

People who need it

People that have one or more of the following issues:

• cold

• chronic bronchitis

• bronchial asthma

• diaphragm spasm

• neurogenic vomiting

• chronic gastritis

• neurasthenia / ICD-11

• migraine 

• facial nerve palsy

• trigeminal neuralgia

• impotence

• cervical spondylosis

• frozen shoulder / adhesive capsulitis

• acute low back pain

• sciatica

• stiff neck

• tennis elbow

• gynaecological diseases

• menopausal syndrome

• acute tonsillitis

• toothache

• neurodermatitis

• child with indigestion

• child with diarrhea

• enuresis


The frequency, length and number of treatment are subject to individual differences.

Heat the cups to apply onto skin, to create local suction later.
Cupping therapy on the back.
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