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Gua Sha


1. Relax muscles and stimulate qi

Sometimes your muscles can contract and cramp due to injuries or other reasons, causing you to feel pain. If you do not receive treatment immediately and thoroughly, the damaged tissues will form adhesions, fibrosis or scarring, hence aggravate pain and muscle contraction which will then create other issues. Gua Sha can help to stretch your muscles and open up your body meridians.

2. Stimulate blood circulation and remove blood stasis

Gua Sha is able to regulate the muscles' contraction and expansion, allowing the tissue pressures to be adjusted, and Gua Sha is able to promote blood circulation of the scraped areas.

3. Eliminate toxins

The process of Gua Sha (which is to scrape the skin until purple or red spots known as sha appear) can lead to the formation of hyperemia in partial tissues. Vascular nerves that are stimulated will dilate blood vessels, accelerate the blood flow and transportation of lymphatic fluids, and cause body waste and toxins to be discarded at a faster rate. This strengthens the immune system, and will help you in recovering from illness.

4. Stimulate the flow of qi and blood

Gua Sha involves scraping the skin. It promotes blood circulation and qi flow, clears blood stagnation, and reduces or even eliminates localised pain.

People who need it

People that have one or more of the following issues:

• cold

• fever

• heatstroke

• headache

• gastrointestinal diseases 

• stiff neck

• frozen shoulder

• lumbar strain

• muscle cramps

• arthritis


The frequency, length and number of treatment are subject to individual differences.

Using essential oil to Gua Sha.
Tools used for Gua Sha, including Gua Sha board and essential oil.
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