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This treatment comes with supplementary tea made of Chinese medicinal herbs.



1. Detox and remove dampness

This is the most noticeable therapeutic effect of lymphatic drainage steam therapy. It can eliminate dampness and toxins in your body, thus building healthier life.

2. Reinvigorate mind and body

This therapy is able to boost blood circulation and metabolism, and expel toxins from your body. Besides, our steam cabin produces huge amount of negative ions which can nourish your throat and lungs, and can beneficially encourage cell activities.

3. Purify blood

Our steam cabin releases far infrared that can improve blood circulation and microcirculation. It also sends electrical currents throughout the body, increasing the energy and activities of red blood cells. This helps to remove toxins accumulated in your body.

4. Strengthen body

Ageing undermines human body systems. When heated, the steam cabin's tourmalines will release essential trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc and selenium, helping to relieve backache.

5. Tune endocrine system

During puberty, adolescents usually experience symptoms of endocrine disorders, and hormonal fluctuations within this period can cause oily skin and pimples. Lymphatic drainage steam therapy can adjust dysregulated secretion system of human body, dispel toxins from the body, and improve one's skin condition.

People who need it

People that have one or more of the following symptoms:

• obesity

• smoking

• drinking

• lack of exercise

• lack of sweating

• sitting too much

• the 3 highs: high blood pressure (hypertension), hyperlipidemia and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia)

• lumbar disc disease

• pain

• stressful work

• unhealthy lifestyle

• poor sleep quality

• neurasthenia


The frequency, length and number of treatment are subject to individual differences.

Steam therapy and steam cabin.
Steam therapy and steam cabin.
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