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Postpartum Recovery Treatment


The period of 42 days to 3 months after childbirth is the golden time period for new moms to recover, especially when their physical conditions are usually weaker during this period. We at JY TCM Centre customise our postpartum recovery treatment to cater to the varying needs and conditions of postpartum women.


We have a comprehensive treatment process for you. We will evaluate your body condition, create a solution plan, arrange treatment course, and so on. Besides, we also utilise meridian device and some supplementary techniques to effectively promote positive treatment outcomes, building robust and beautiful postpartum lives.


The specific treatments we provide include postpartum body shaping, physical fitness recovery, birth canal recovery, breast care, postpartum menstrual pain treatment, postpartum kidney care, and postpartum uterus and ovary care.

People who need it

Postpartum women that:

• Feel weak after childbirth

• Experience abdominal laxity

• Have clogged milk ducts

• Experience breast swelling or breast atrophy after giving birth

• Face remaining milk in breast after breastfeeding


If you have one or more above-mentioned symptoms, you may contact us to arrange for treatment.


The frequency, length and number of treatment are subject to individual differences and needs. 

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