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TCM Internal Medicine Treatment


Patients are clinically proven to simultaneously show symptoms such as fatigue, poor appetite, chest tightness, bloating and indigestion when their spleens are not working properly. Spleen and stomach issues will affect your sleep, emotions and appetite. On the other hand, vigorous spleen and stomach aid in generating sufficient qi and blood for internal organs to function properly. The use of Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture to treat spleen and stomach problems can cure illnesses and fortify your body.

We use Ministry of Health Malaysia Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified concentrated scientific TCM particles and powder, tablets and capsules as our medicine. These particles and powder are made of traditional Chinese herbs, and are manufactured using advanced technologies and processes. They are hygienic, safe and convenient to consume, and easy to store. 

People who need it

People that have one or more of the following symptoms:

• bloating 

• stomachache

• poor appetite

abnormally thin

• unhealthy skin

• too many facial wrinkles

• constipation 


mouth ulcers / canker sores

dry mouth

• facial acne


The frequency, length and number of treatment are subject to individual differences.

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